Success Stories

MGL has changed my life for the better and I will forever be thankful.”

“The Mama G Lifestyle has dramatically improved my life so much! Incorporating so much more nutrition in my daily meals has helped me physically, mentally, and improved my family overall! I’ve always struggled with digestive issues and bowel movements, and I’m so excited to say that I have ZERO issues now! It’s been life changing receiving the proper education and tools to become a better human and I’m so grateful I took part in this journey to better myself and will continue to do so.”

Kathy Morello, MGL Client

“Thank you Gina for helping me change my relationship with food and wine! Through this journey you have taught me how to live a long, healthy, independent, joyful life. You have helped me find my “WHY” in this process which gave me the reason to push hard to achieve my weight loss goal. I embraced using MFP to track the food I put into my body which keeps me focused on purchasing and preparing only what I will eat. No unhealthy processed foods in my pantry anymore! I absolutely love your recipe library where I can find something to cook that my husband and I devour. Getting back in the kitchen to cook healthy meals was a struggle at first but a few weeks later I was looking forward to trying something new. I was skeptical eating 1500 calories per day. How could I possibly lose any weight eating all that food? But I lost approximately 1.5 lbs/week on average and you proved me wrong! I was never hungry or craving unhealthy highly processed foods. I sleep better, have more energy, more endurance, feel light on my feet, and it’s time to buy some new clothes. I’ve learned to advocate for my health going forward. I’m actually excited to see if my cholesterol and glucose levels have dropped back down to normal. I feel the confidence to continue my new eating and exercise routine so I can maintain homeostasis. WOW…so hard to believe how quickly 12 weeks has passed by.

I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through this life changing journey!Today, I hit my initial weight goal! I have lost the initial twenty pounds I wanted to lose. I took inventory of my measurements and was surprised that I lost inches! I lost 3 inches in my chest, an inch on each arm, 4.5 inches in my waist, 2 inches on my hips, three inches on each thigh, and an inch on each knee. Shrinkage, I accept! My hair and skin have also improved. My hair is growing thicker and longer, and my skin is glowing! My smile is back!

I cannot thank Mama G’s Lifestyle and Gina Cousineau enough for the encouraging, no excuses, and genuinely caring approach to making my lifestyle and food dreams come true! I look forward to continuing my journey with more energy to meet my goals and confidence that Mama G will always remind me to stay focused and stretch my reach to the next level of this new lifestyle!”

Kathy Morello, MGL Client

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your commitment and passion to this important work of health advocacy.

When we had our first one on one (October 2021) , we discussed my cholesterol numbers.  They were very high and, while I was aware of it, I was not taking it seriously enough.  You casually said ” Well, then this is why I have been put into your life.  To save your life”.   At that time you suggested a long list of tests to be done…..two of which were a Carotid Artery scan and an LP(a).   I did most of the tests, but waited on those last two thinking my change in diet would solve 90% of my problem.

After 4 months on MamaG, my LDL dropped 40 pts to 144.  Still high, but I was very pleased.  Then I had the Coronary Calcium Scan in April that showed I was indeed laying down plaque and I was referred to a Cardiologist.

The Cardiologist ordered the LP (a) test along with an updated Lipid test.  Well, this week I got my LP (a) results back and they are SUPER HIGH.  232.5!!  I was put on a Statin immediately and am scheduled for an Echocardiogram and Carotid Artery Ultrasound this month.

What a wake-up call!!  Had I continued to casually treat my high cholesterol, I’m sure I would have had serious health problems in the very near future.  So, your words were prophetic.  You were put in my life to save my life.  I just wanted to make sure I properly thanked you.

So any day you feel like you are not reaching folks, or not motivating them enough… just know that you are in fact touching people in a profound and important way.

From the bottom of my healthy heart, I thank you!!”

Mary Soria, MGL Client

“Last year, in June 2021, a dear friend suggested that I watch a Free (4-week) Webinar Series called “Kickstart to Weight Loss.” I was so tired of feeling overweight, foggy-brained, and tired all the time. It was time for me to do something to improve my health! Yes, I had tried many different things in my past that worked for a while but never lasted. So I watched Mama G, aka Gina Cousineau. I respected her nutrition knowledge, science-based facts, chef skills, and her genuine caring personality. I then signed up for the July 2021 twelve-week Jumpstart Program, and my journey began. I learned that my biggest challenge was to change my mindset and old eating habit patterns. Gina’s weekly nutrition classes, Monday night sharing, cook-a-longs, and the fact that she’s always available to us personally are what I needed to pursue my journey. I love watching Mama G’s kitchen hacks, cook-a-longs, and making her  DELICIOUS recipes based on the nutrients our bodies need! I now understand how healthy food, a calorie budget, and wonderful encouragement/support from Mamma G made this past year’s “Happy, Healthy, Lifestyle” change possible for me! I still consider myself a work in progress. I’m proud of my new healthy lifestyle accomplishments and love all the compliments I’ve received! Thank you so much, Mama G, aka new friend, Gina.”

Renee Wilson, MGL Client

“One of the reasons why we love the Mama G’s Lifestyle so much is because it’s helping us set a good example for our toddler. Our house is usually filled with the beautiful smell of an MGL recipe and he loves all of them. On Monday we decided to take him to Tanaka farms to pick our own vegetables. We picked bok choy, carrots, maui onions, beets and sweet corn! Today I decided to use some of those ingredients and follow the MGL template. I cooked a beautiful meal, although I gotta say MGL recipes are better. Last time we were at Tanaka Farms was 2 weeks prior to joining the Jumpstart Group and I was 285 pounds and miserable (picture with sunglasses). 11 months later I went back weighing 219 pounds (picture with my wife and kid) and with a lot more energy to enjoy the time with my kid.”

Hector Pantoja, MGL Client

“In Dec 2020, I realized I needed to change, as hard as I tried, I could not shake the COVID fatigue or lose weight! I needed to learn how to lose weight and get healthier. I called Mama G’s Lifestyle and was welcomed into her program. I learned to cook (I know, amazing!!) why and what healthy eating means, and encouraged (sometimes pushed!) to exercise regularly. The more I worked on my new lifestyle the better I felt physically and emotionally. I reached my goal weight in September 2021. But then what?

I realized when I was on the downhill trajectory my competitive nature wanted to keep going! But my doctor and Mama G agreed I would remain in homeostasis for one year and then decide if I wanted to lose more weight. But I needed to remain loyal to my new lifestyle. So I continued to follow Mama G’s Lifestyle and enjoyed an occasional treat or splurge! I absolutely enjoyed my new way of living!

I have recently felt like I should take my measurements. But why should I do that? I am holding my weight within 2 pounds and intensified my exercise program. I am maintaining homeostasis. This brings me to this afternoon. I need new jeans, the pair I have, have gone from extremely tight to stretched out. I wanted to look as good as I feel. I went shopping! I am TWO sizes smaller than I was when I started with my new lifestyle! TWO T-W-O sizes! Thank you, friend Gina Cousineau aka Mama G. Homeostasis Rocks!”

Sue Nunn, MGL Client

“My daughter played youth water polo.  For four years she played in the Evan Cousineau Memorial Cup.  And every year we would sneak past the people at the entrance trying to get spectators to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry.  But the last year of Lauren’s involvement, 2015, Lauren was with me as we headed into the Irvine swim stadium for the finals.  And my 13 year old daughter turned to me and said, “Aren’t you going to sign up mom?”  She got me.  What do you say to your child?  I said, “Of course I’ll sign up.”  I told the young lady there that I wanted to sign up, but I’m overweight, do they take people who are overweight?  The girl said, yes, they take people who are overweight, if you’re a match they do all kinds of testing to make sure you are healthy enough.  Then as I started filling out the form, I said, “Oh, but I’m 50, you don’t take people who are over 50, right?”  And the girl smiled and said, “we take people til 55”  (that was the case at that time).  So, I was out of excuses and had to go ahead and fill out the form and do the swab.  But, I figured, what are the chances I’d be a match?  Turns out, within six months I’d been identified as a match.  And within a year I had donated stem cells to a 60 something year old man in Sweden with leukemia.  I think I was his last chance.  I understand he lived for another year.  I was honored to help someone in this way.  Gina called a few months later to thank me for my donation, and we became friends on facebook.  Turns out the following spring we both ran a Ragnar relay.  And we met at some ungodly hour, like 2am at an exchange on a beach in Leucadia.  At the time she was talking about a program called the experiment.  And so I signed up with her.  It was a work in progress, the result of which is Mama G’s Lifestyle.  I have been a “dieter”  all my life.  I don’t think I’ve ever said that out loud.  But I yo yo diet.  I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds probably every other year for the last ten years.  I have tried every diet in the book.  And they all work.  All of them; Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem…okay, I never did Keto because I’m not good with the whole “eliminate a food group thing”.  But diet plans work, as long as you stick with them.  The problem with all these programs is that there is little to no education and you cannot stick with them, they are not a lifestyle change.  What Gina teaches is a lifestyle change.  I have learned what a healthy plate looks like, and how to spot things on menus that will fit Mama G’s Lifestyle.  I’ve learned that almost every restaurant is not going to give you enough veggies.  I’ve learned that you need to move a little bit every day, and making activity a part of your daily life will extend the length of your life and the quality of your life.  And I’ve learned that a balanced diet including whole, beautiful foods, seasoned well is the key to losing weight and creating homeostasis.  I am still a student of Mama G’s Lifestyle.  I think it’s possible that I’m still in denial about what I need to do to be healthy, kinda like how I was in denial about signing up for the bone marrow donor registry.  But I know the best way for me to meet the goals I have set for myself and my health are by making Mama G’s Lifestyle my own.  Six years ago I took steps to save someone else’s life.  But in working with Gina I am saving my own life.  After 12 weeks of Mama G’s Jumpstart program, my a1c was reduced by 2% and I brought my numbers back from the diabetic stage down to the pre-diabetic stage.  My goal is get my numbers out of the diabetic stage.  And I am convinced the best way to do that is to continue to work with Gina.  During the second year of COVID my husband and I started walking, as part of Mama G’s Lifestyle.  My fitness level increased.  My a1c dropped, I lost weight and I was able to go on long hikes with lots of elevation change.  AND I was able to keep up with my kids.  This is how I see my future, lots of activity supported by a healthy diet and surrounded by those I love.  Thank you Gina for everything you’ve taught me and continue to teach me about living a fit, healthy lifestyle.”

Felicia Watkins, MGL Client

“My name is Kim and I started with the MG Lifestyle is August of 2018.

I have known Gina since 1994 and knew how she lived her daily life. With some convincing I decided to give into my “fear” of failure and jump into the MGL. My “whys”, which are my active(adult) kids, my husband, my future grand babies and ME…I was tired of sitting around and watching them live life to the fullest. I was somewhat involved but not to the level I was at a younger age and wanted to be in my later years️.

Two major things have changed for me…I am not afraid anymore because I realized not trying was way worse and the second is, when I cook(not my favorite thing to do) I love the way it tastes and the way it brings the family together!

Over the course of the last 2 years friends have asked what diet I did?? I say, not a diet but a lifestyle change and they ponder. I believe people are fearful of the unknown, as I was, and so many want a quick fix. The reality is that if you don’t change your way of thinking and your approach to food and exercise, it won’t last!

When I began I really was after losing the extra pounds and keeping it off so that I could be more active for the long haul.️ I lost the weight pretty quickly and maintained…since March it has definitely become harder at times and due to some major back issues my exercise was put on hold. As of 2 weeks ago I am focused on my daily routine again and I am looking forward to a healthy and strong Body, Soul and Mind!”

Kim Tyler, MGL Client

“I’m a lifer to MGL! I love it because I treat myself with respect and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I take care of myself. I’m not starving or deprived. I also allow a treat now and then. By treating myself right, I lost 25 lbs and kept it off for over 2+ years. I struggled to lose any weight for years. I thought it was my metabolism due to my thyroid. Truth…. My metabolism sucked because I either didn’t eat or didn’t eat balanced. It makes sense! I wish I could convince others how easy it is, but so many are caught up in marketing lies! My favorite thing about MGL is being a part of a supportive group. Accountability is key. And it is inspiring to see posts from my peers.”

Stacy Wagner, MGL Client

“I have ‘struggled’ to not lose weight, let alone gain weight, for many years because I chose to eat my version of “healthy” (vegetarian, little dairy, occasional fish, small portions). I did not enjoy cooking, so easy meal prep was a priority. This often led to last minute preparation of different meals for me and my husband, creating a lot more anxiety. Now, after 3 months of total commitment to the Mama G Lifestyle, I know how unhealthy my diet was: extremely deficient in calories and nutrition, limited, and boring. Now I am slowly gaining weight, eating MUCH more food, diversifying my diet, and enjoying cooking. I have learned a lot about my body and energy use, and I respect my body in ways I had not before. Now I prioritize me, and I’m not going to let myself down. When I let myself down, I let down others.”

Barbara Helton, MGL Client

“I have always battled my weight and proper dieting.  Gina and I have known each other close to 20 years.. I set up a meeting to discuss my situation, my goals and hope for change.

We had a many chats and I embarked on change.  I set up my phone to track my food intake, calories, and activity levels. It was awesome, as I was able to stay on the path Gina recommended for me.  She guided me in the right direction and I followed.  Gina became my fitness and health coach which is fun, since I was fortunate enough to coach her daughter Mary many years ago.

Prior to this journey I found myself over eating, not watching my calorie intake, as I really just didn’t pay attention to my diet.  I have since changed my life.  Not only have I lost weight (under 200lbs) first time in 25 years, my blood work this past August was the best it has been in 25 years.

The MGL changed my outlook on many things, and setting goals and objectives really helped. Food and fitness are now important with my daily life and routine.

I appreciate her efforts and program she created for me.”

Scott Taylor, MGL Client

“What I love about the MGL is I feel great all the time. I have more energy now because I’m actually eating more food which gives me energy to be able to sustain my crazy life, workouts and manage my small children. I recently got blood work after being with this lifestyle for a year and the numbers are better than my blood work before kids. Lastly another big reason is that eating this way is not a restrictive way of life, it’s actually very freeing. I can have carbs, any type of cuisine, eat what I’m in the mood for.

The MGL has changed my life.  I have learned a lot. I have learned more about my calcium needs, how to enjoy the right carbohydrates (and feel good when I eat them) and how to incorporate exercise everyday in a realistic way. I thought I was “healthy” before but realized I was neglecting a lot of nutritious foods leaving me feeling hungry and not satisfied. I am now eating the way I want my kids to eat. It means a lot to me for my kids to see me eating a taco, a bowl of pasta, a delicious sandwich and even a treat once in a while. If my kids see me only eating salads or being particular… they will probably become very particular or think when they get older they have to limit what they eat. The kids see me cook everyday and have become interested in all the veggies they see everyday. Yesterday, my 5 year old son opened the fridge and grabbed a whole bell pepper out of the fridge and ate it as a snack, that would have never happened a year ago.

I absolutely recommend the MGL to friends and family.  I actually let my food do the talking to my friends and family. I make them a delicious bowl of Lasagna soup or an oatmeal bake and after every dish they all love it. When I tell them they are eating a healthy 400 calorie meal they don’t believe me and want the recipe. I feel like they don’t jump on board because change is hard, it’s effort and they don’t believe they are allowed to eat that much food without gaining weight. I tell them I switched from a low carb life to this without gaining any weight but people continue to listen to trends instead of how they feel.

I tried a lot of weight loss approaches keto, weight watchers, calories restrictions, intermittent fasting. Finally enough was enough, I’m not going to live a life where I’m hangry, have brain fog from lack of carbs plus feel like I don’t enjoy my food. I am a mom to 2 children, one with special needs and my husband is a doctor that works long hours and I was taking care of everyone but me and I felt tired all the time. I have known Gina to be leader with her nutrition and fitness and reached out to her for help and to learn. I got out of my comfort bubble and asked for help because obviously what I was doing was not working.

Before the MGL I was on a calorie restrictive 1200cal diet limiting my carb intake. I always felt hungry and struggled through my workouts. I thought I was a person that would always be “hungry.” This would lead to burn out with my diet and I would fall off the wagon and eat badly. A vicious circle. What shocks me is now I eat 1800 calories with lots of carbs and my body has changed dramatically. Weight is just a number but how I look and feel matters. I am leaner, went down a pant size and overall look better/stronger.

I still struggle sometimes with my time management and food prep. In the MGL there is cooking, and prep involved. Is it manageable? Yes. Is it complicated? No. Is it worth it? 100% I do better with a schedule but still need to allow myself grace. If my planned workout doesn’t work maybe it will turn into a power walk with the kids, at least I’m moving. I didn’t have time to prep what I wanted for dinner, it’s ok I can still churn out a really simple dinner hitting my goals. I know if I eat better I feel better and move easier.”

Nicole Bharne, MGL Client

“I have known Mama G for 14 years, having met when I helped care for her son, Evan, following his bone marrow transplant. From the moment I first met Gina I had this sense that had circumstances been different, that she and I could have been friends. After Evan passed, we have kept in touch through the years. I’ve followed her social media posts about “Mama G’s lifestyle”, but really never needed her help as I’ve always been thin and fit. This past year was different. I’m now 46 and perimenopausal. I’m also a physician and the stress of the COVID19 pandemic took its toll on me physically and emotionally. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was working 70-80 hours per week on emergency preparedness. I was under enormous stress and started making poor choices. We were eating more takeout – to support local businesses – and because it was convenient given my work load. I also stopped exercising (there didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day), and consumed more alcohol than I ever have. I’m not an anxious person by nature, but the pandemic brought out fear and anxiety in a way I’d never experienced. Admittedly I used alcohol to take the edge off. Sadly, the combination of poor choices resulted in weight gain. At the beginning of March 2021, I weighed the most I ever had in my life. I was miserable, physically and emotionally. On March 5th the younger sister of one of my closest friends from medical school died by suicide. She was a young mom with three small children. A physician. A bright light. The cause…physician burnout. Her death shook me to my core. I realized in the days that followed just how deep and dark my own mental health had become and how burned out I was feeling. I have struggled with depression off/on through the years, and have always pulled out of it. Her death was the wakeup call that I needed. I needed to make a change, and to start to put my mental health, my overall health, and my well-being first. As a physician I am by nature a caretaker. I always take care of everyone before I take care of myself. Mama G’s lifestyle is just what I needed to accomplish that change. It has been my reset after one (now almost two) of the hardest years of my entire career. A time where I have been overwhelmed on so many fronts, and turned to food and alcohol for comfort. I did not exercise like I always have in the past. Following Mama G’s template has allowed me to fuel my body with wholesome foods and has gotten me back into a regular exercise routine. I’m making healthier choices. I’m not restricting myself. My energy level has dramatically improved. My mood is great. I have lost 19 inches! My weight is down 8.8 lbs (I would like to lose about 6 more). I feel more toned, leaner, and my clothes are fitting better. I have continued in the LifeStyle Program to keep me accountable, but I also know that even without it, my life was changed for the better with what I learned in the 12 weeks of the Jumpstart program. As Mama G always says, “It’s not about what you lose, but all about what you gain!” I have gained so much!”

Brooke Moore, MGL Client

“The MGL is freedom…to eat and enjoy foods that other plans vilify, like starchy grains/carbs. I love the variety of foods we eat, and the incredible recipes that Mama G provides for us. My family loves all of the recipes and I love knowing we are fueling our bodies with beautiful whole foods that taste delicious.

I have been on every diet ever invented. Had temporary success with all of them. I now have maintained my weight successfully for 2 years, and I am confident that I will do so forever.

I tell everyone I know who asks “how did you lose so much weight” the truth…I eat real whole foods in the proper proportions and I engage in purposeful exercise most days of the week…as prescribed by the MGL. It’s simple, which is different than easy. It takes effort, and time, but I am worth it. So is my family. I think a lot of people are so entrenched in the fast food/convenience food lifestyle that the idea of adding in meal prep is daunting. I also think the exercise portion is difficult…moving an out of shape body is HARD. But so is carrying excess body weight. I think a person has to get near rock bottom sometimes to see that lifestyle change is the only way out.

I am forever grateful that Gina dropped me into the group way back in the day, just to observe. I didn’t plan to buy in because I was having “success” in my latest restrictive diet plan. When I saw what I could be eating on MGL, instead of Lean Cuisine frozen entree’s, I decided to give it a try. So glad I did!

I struggled for years because nothing I did taught me what to eat to fuel my body. Gina has taught me how to look at a recipe, calculate all the numbers….calories from grains, calories from veggies, etc…and how to make sure the ratios are good so that my body will be properly fueled for my crazy busy life, my workouts and for enjoying all the things I couldn’t when I was 100 lbs heavier. So grateful for MGL!”

Michelle Suggs, MGL Client
“I was not the client who joined MGL for weight loss, but I wanted to feel good, get some cooking tips, and see what Gina had to say! I got so much more! You see, I’ve always tried to eat “healthy.” But one of the most significant aha moments was that what I was most likely doing was depriving my body of the nutrients I needed, for example, not eating enough calories. From Mama G, I now understand how to put my meals together using a Healthy Plate approach. I learned it’s ok to eat carbs, cheese, bread, etc., but the correct amount paired with the right amount of protein, veggies, fruits, etc. It’s really a science how our foods work together to nourish our bodies—reading food labels while at the store has become a habit! By the way, Gina nailed it with a 12-week Jumpstart! I felt connected and supported, and although challenging at the start, My Fitness Pal, cooking, and getting a more routine exercise program became so manageable and comfortable a new lifestyle! Gina encouraged me to “look under the hood.” I am so thankful to her for doing that because I discovered a little something imperative that I addressed. If it wasn’t for her, I could have been in trouble down the line! I feel great and strong. I love all of the recipes that the Mama G Lifestyle provided and continue to maintain a renewed healthy way of living! Mama G Lifestyle is also now MY lifestyle!
I am a year out of doing the Mama G Lifestyle with Gina, however, I am not a year out of living the Mama G Lifestyle! I continue to cook the delicious recipes and try my best to maintain the recommended calorie intake.  I am so thankful for Mama G and her guidance and the knowledge that I gained during my 12 weeks with her. I have always thought of myself as a healthy eater and have tried to always have somewhat of an exercise routine in my life, so Mama G reinforced much of what I was doing. However, I did figure out I was many times not eating enough calories and with that, thinking that certain foods should be off limits in my diet. Wow, was I surprised that eating bread and carbs is actually ok and necessary for a healthy balanced meal! In addition, reading food labels at the store is now a part of my routine whenever I am getting something I haven’t purchased before. Weight loss was not why I signed up with Gina. I have known her through my daughter for many years. She was often invited to “Family” dinner and came home with leftovers or telling me about the meals. They always sounded so delicious, and I became curious as I was then learning about the Mama G Lifestyle. I joined not necessarily to lose weight, but to learn from Gina about nutrition and cooking.  While in the 12 weeks my weight changed minimally, fluctuating a couple of pounds either way. I have maintained that same weight. Gina encourages her clients to get blood work and look “under the hood”. When I did this I learned that I have osteoporosis. Gina shared her knowledge about exercise and certain foods that will help me build stronger bones. I always appreciated Gina’s attentiveness, as she was always a text away. She answered all of my questions and was patient with me. Gina is fun to work with and her comment, “It’s not about what you lose, but all about what you gain.” is so TRUE!! Everyone can gain so much from Gina and her Mama G Lifestyle. Thank you Gina for all that you have taught me!”
Dana Hurlbut, MGL Client

“After my first year of college, I stopped exercising and started eating everything I was craving without checking if it was good for me or not. My weight started to increase and after a few months I tried eating less and I would lose some pounds only to go back to my old habits because I was not satisfied with my food. In the last two years I really let myself go and gained about 40 pounds on top of my already existing weight. June 2021 I decided to do something about it after finally getting the courage to look at my 2020 Christmas pictures and hating the person that I was seeing. We found Mama G through a Facebook friend and my wife and I decided to join. The first couple of weeks were hard because I was used to eating pastries daily, sometimes twice a day, but Gina was always there to support me and guide me. For the first 3 months I only cooked Mama G recipes, and the food was amazing. My wife who is a picky eater was eating vegetables and it wasn’t long before we started feeling like new. We both had more energy, our cravings were going away and the scale was going down. The biggest benefit was seeing my toddler eat all the vegetables I was putting in front of him with the Mama G recipes. I am still a long way from my goal but I have been able to lose almost 60 pounds and this time I am not going back to my old habits because I was satisfied with every single meal and have adopted the Mama G lifestyle wholeheartedly. Today I can’t see myself overeating like before, I can’t see myself eating pastries again. I am a new person who has found control of his life. It is truly a freeing feeling to know that I am in control and I am choosing to be healthy and give my body what it needs to function and give my family the best version of me.”

Hector Pantoja, MGL Client

“I am a lifelong dieter. As a young girl, I would accompany my mother to Weight Watcher meetings and help her keep track of her diet in the little book they gave out. That discipline carried over into my adulthood. If I needed to lose 10-15 lbs, I would revert back to the old dieting paradigm. Food restriction and punitive diets were my “go-to” for weight loss. But then, as I entered my mid-50s, those approaches no longer worked. My weight steadily climbed, but worse than that, my Cholesterol numbers were also rising! Heart disease runs in my family, and my Cholesterol was hitting an all-time high of 285!   Even though my Dr. told me it was mostly “good cholesterol,” I knew I needed to make some changes.

A friend of mine had success on the Mama G program, so I thought I would make a call myself. In late September 2021, I had my free 30min conversation with Gina. In that time, I learned a) I had no idea how many calories I consumed each day, b) while I was heavier than I wanted to be, I was most likely malnourished, c) there were very few fruits and vegetables in my current diet. We also discussed my high Cholesterol numbers and the importance of getting that number down. I signed up at that moment and have NEVER been more excited to start a diet! I started the Jumpstart program on October 1, 2021.

The Mama G Lifestyle challenged what I thought I understood about eating correctly, and it took a little time for me to reframe my thinking. There is much to learn, but after reading the materials given to me, attending the virtual meetings, and communicating daily with Gina via Whatsapp, I was pretty comfortable with everything in about 10 or 14 days. In no time, I had settled into a comfortable routine and saw a consistent drop in weight of about 1.5 lbs per week! I never felt hungry or deprived, and cravings for sweets and wine virtually disappeared in days.

But beyond the weight loss, I am so happy to now have a clearer focus on my overall health. After just a few months following this Lifestyle I was thrilled to see my total Cholesterol numbers were down 40 points!  I hope to see continued improvement in this area over the coming months.  I am also better prepared to have a more informed and proactive discussion with my Primary Care Physician about other aspects of my health.

My two big takeaways from the Mama G Lifestyle Program are the importance of eating well and advocating for my health. This experience has been well worth my time, energy, effort, and money. I would highly recommend anyone interested in getting serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle to give Gina a call!”

Mary Soria, MGL Client

“My name is Liz and I’d like to share how living the Mama G Lifestyle changed my life.  One thing Gina asks of her clients is to get current with your blood work.  Each year, I perform a health check and have been told for years, my HDL is so good, it outweighs my bad LDL.  Luckily, Gina and my doctor did not agree with this logic, given my family history of heart disease and stroke.  By beginning a statin medication, along with following the Mama G Lifestyle, after 10 weeks, my overall cholesterol is right in line, and I reduced my LDL from 217 to 67!  My doctor said he’d never seen such a drastic drop and urged me to continue the statin (for now) and the MGL.

 Some of the things that thrill me about living the MGL are, I no longer crave foods in between meals, and the recipes are delicious!  I was always hungry previously.  I’ve tried many, many “diets” (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Low Carb, you name it).  Once I hit my mid 50s, I found all of my “old tricks” did not work anymore and my weight was increasing. 

 Finally, I now truly feel I’ve found the “lifestyle” – not “diet”, for me.  I tell my family and friends all the time, “it’s just the right way to eat (and move)”.  I’ve always worked out, and by following the Mama G Lifestyle food plan, I’ve been able to finally shed the extra weight that comes with being a woman of a certain age.  I still have a few pounds to go, but I’m very pleased with my progress!

 My friend Maggie (who referred me to MGL) and I cook double each week and share with each other.  This has been a fantastic way to share our meals and try twice as many recipes!

 I’m eternally grateful to Gina for creating the MGL, and for her patience and passion for our health and overall wellness.  It’s such a relief to know I’m eating delicious, nutritious food and have finally found a realistic, life changing lifestyle. “

Liz Nawojski, MGL Client

“Top reasons I LOVE the MGL lifestyle – I can eat delicious healthy food, it’s a lifestyle, not a crazy crash diet, I’m not giving up ANYTHING, in fact I’m eating more than I was before! I also enjoy the community and mostly I enjoy the fact that Mama G provides delicious recipes that meet the marks. MGL has changed my life because I now understand what I need to do! I wasn’t that far off before, I was just not eating enough carbs/fat and needed to understand the mix of what my body needs. I recommend MGL to my friends who struggle and who want to be healthier. I think the main challenge to why people don’t join is the tracking and measuring accountability. Definitely some tricks to learn but once you get it, it’s easy. I came here in the first place because I had previously had issues with gaining weight in my 30’s, lost the weight and then started to see the scale creeping back up. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get things to work. I was trying all kinds of different things, cutting carbs, exercising a ton, nothing worked and it was getting depressing. I was intrigued by the Mediterranean diet and knew that I needed the food to be delicious and the fact that Gina is a trained chef and she provides recipes is what sold me. It’s really the whole package: education on nutrition, delicious recipes, support group. No fad diets!”

Maggie L., MGL Client

“The top reasons I love the MGL are accountability, healthy recipes, eating healthy food in proper amounts of Proteins, Carbs and Fats, properly tracking my food, and strength training for my health. The MGL has changed my life by providing a nice support system to maintain this lifestyle, teaching me the benefits of weight lifting, and allowed me to successfully maintain both eating right and getting my body stronger physically. The obstacles  others may encounter is probably the serious commitment to changing bad habits with food and fitness. I joined the MGL because I had some issues that I needed to change. My body had gotten really weak and my weight was climbing. I wanted to feel better than I did. Other things I had tried weren’t lasting results. My biggest obstacles before the MGL were that I felt deprived of enough food and couldn’t maintain a drastic deficit of calories for any time period. It got too frustrating. I am still working on dropping more weight, but my habits with food & fitness are much improved. Love working out with Samm and I will continue. Always looking for new food ideas which MGL is already helping with by  sharing new food ideas.”

Lisa Foto, MGL Client

“Nutrition and fitness has been a priority for me throughout my life. I have used my fitness pal and followed IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)…. aware of the importance of incorporating all of the macronutrients into my daily intake, and always prioritizing fruit and veggie intake. I got to a point where I could stop tracking my intake and was able to maintain my weight within a few pounds. I could enjoy treats here and there with no real consequence to my weight or appearance. After  pregnancy, I focused on eating well to support breastmilk production. I wasn’t fixated on losing the baby weight, but through a generally balanced diet, exercise and breastfeeding I was back to my pre pregnancy weight and size within about 6 months. I stopped breastfeeding my daughter around Christmas time. I think that the combination of extra holiday treats and the end of breastfeeding led to me gaining a few extra pounds. I really notice when I’m 5 pounds heavier in how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how I look. Over a few months, I increased my activity and became more committed to scheduling in my exercise every week. Yet the scale didn’t budge and my clothes were still too snug. I knew that focused nutrition was the missing component here. I reached out to Mama G, knowing that I wanted to develop a lifestyle and habits that would support my goals, without going back to my days of strictly tracking. Mama G’s approach is intentional, and yet very sustainable. I didn’t feel restricted, and I wasn’t hungry all the time. I was able to utilize my fitness pal and a food scale to ensure my portions were correct, without being a slave to calorie and macro counting. The formula for meals and snacks that Mama G has developed has made it so simple to plan and enjoy my food. It can almost be done without thinking about it…. especially when using the quick and easy breakfast and snack ideas. Our lunches and dinners are almost always Mama G recipes because I know if I just eat my correct serving size of the recipe that I am getting the correct calories, macro and micronutrients. Over a month and a half, I have lost the 5 lingering pounds without feeling deprived. I have had energy for my days. I have eaten well. I’m now at the point where I feel like I can purposefully add in a treat on occasions without guilt. The beauty of the Mama G’s Lifestyle is just that….that it is a lifestyle. Mama G has provided the education and the template, and I am able to pick the components of every meal and snack that fit that while fulfilling my cravings for different cuisine and flavors. ”

Mary Carrillo, MGL Client

” I ❤ MGL because it has liberated my family from the constant struggle of being overweight! We as a family of four have lost over 225# in 7 1/2 months!!

MGL has changed our lives in so many ways. We now have the knowledge, mentor and desire to live Mama G’s lifestyle for ever!! Added bonus are the delicious recipes that Gina provides…she does all the hard work. We just shop and cook!!

Family and Friends should support each other so YES I refer anyone that asks “OMG you look fabulous…what have you done”? Of course I tell them about the best lifestyle ever…MGL!!

The reason I finally reached out to Gina was because I was sick and tired of fighting the weight battle. My son and I both went and met with Gina 7 1/2 months ago and it was the best decision we ever made. I have known Gina for almost 20 years. I always knew she was very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through food and exercise and she has now blessed my family with the same.

Biggest obstacles were not really knowing the proper way of fueling your body. We ate a lot of fast food and had horrible habits. Believing that I didn’t have time to cook prevented us from eating healthy. We are now committed to cooking as a family twice a week…yes only twice a week. MGL has brought our family closer together because we all do this lifestyle together.

We really are not struggling at all. We all have learned the program and we just follow it and never miss a day logging our day in MFP as it keeps us accountable!

Anyone thinking of changing their life to get healthy should definitely talk to Mama G!!”

Marianne B., MGL Client

“I love the MGL for helping with my gut health and teaching me to eat the proper ratio of carbs, protein & fats. I just feel amazing on the Mama G’s lifestyle! I love that the MGL has helped me to maintain my weight. The best part is the support of Gina and I know that I can contact her with any questions I may have. I truly came to the MGL for the delicious recipes. I now know I will get to live a healthy independent life for as long as I can and that directly relates to my nutrition. I still struggle with getting all of my nutrients through food instead of relying on supplements which Gina has been a huge help on.”

Julie Minnick, MGL Client

“Before Mama G’s program, I was not a cook. Eating out allowed me to eat small plates as my healthy eating plan.  When COVID hit and eating out was not an option, I was determined to learn how to cook.  I made many casseroles. All look the same, and my weight continued to climb!  The weight gain led me to call Mama G and ask for help.

At the beginning of the 12week Mama G’s Lifestyle Jumpstart program, I had one goal in mind, to lose weight. In the Mama G Lifestyle program, I learned a whole new approach to my life. Weight loss became secondary to living a healthy life with exercise and eating healthy. My meals were more than filling, and I was not looking for popcorn or other late-night snacks to fill me up at the end of the day.  I wake up looking forward to a healthy breakfast. 

Meal planning and cooking became an absolute joy!  Working in the kitchen is cathartic. My whole family is in shock!  Not only do I cook, but it also tastes deliciously wonderful!  My husband cannot believe all the food he is eating because of our new lifestyle and is often surprised when he weighs in with me.  Mama G’s recipes have such a vast assortment. We love trying a different one a couple of times each week.  Our choice and our food!  Planning my meals for the week keeps the guesswork out of dinner selections! 

Morning walks each day help center my day. After a prayerful morning, it is a perfect time to reflect on my plan for the day.  My only regret is that I did not take the exercise segment as seriously in the first two weeks of the program. But with Mam G’s encouragement (insistence), I started slowly walking. I could hardly walk for 30 minutes without stopping to catch my breath.  Then I got an app and Fitbit as equipment, at the suggestion of Mama G’s, and my competitive nature kicked in gear.  I went from walking a 22:10 minute mile in January to a 12:47 minute mile in April. 

Today, I hit my initial weight goal! I have lost the initial twenty pounds I wanted to lose.  I took inventory of my measurements and was surprised that I have lost inches!  I lost 3 inches in my chest, an inch on each arm, 4.5 inches in my waist, 2 inches on my hips, three inches on each thigh, and an inch on each knee.  Shrinkage, I accept!  My hair and skin have also improved. My hair is growing thicker and longer compared slow growth and my skin glowing!  My smile is back! 

I cannot thank Mama G’s Lifestyle and Gina Cousineau enough for the encouraging, no excuses, and genuinely caring approach to making my lifestyle and food dreams come true!  I look forward to continuing my journey with more energy to meet my goals and confidence that Mama G will always remind me to stay focused and stretch my reach to the next level of this new lifestyle!”

Sue Nunn, MGL Client

“I decided to join the Jumpstart program for many reasons.  I had just fully retired from a demanding volunteer job and felt tired and unwell.  I also wanted to lose weight.  My younger daughter was pregnant, and I was already worried about keeping up with my older daughter’s kiddos, much less a new baby.  In addition, I was excited about learning how to cook, a task I never enjoyed during my career or child-rearing days.  Now I finally had the time to focus on preparing healthy meals for my husband and myself.  Even if I didn’t lose weight or gain strength, I figured I’d pick up a few tricks and expand my repertoire beyond “breakfast for dinner”.

I started the program enthusiastically and after many months it still peaks my interest. Like in the movie “Julie & Julia” about famed chef Julia Child, I set out to cook nearly every recipe in the Mama G Virtual Recipe Library.  On Monday nights I shared my wins and struggles in the kitchen and my life with Mama G and my classmates.  Steadily, over the 12 week program, my food choices, cooking skills and health improved as my weight went down.

I’m not going to lie, it was hard in the beginning to follow the program, especially while traveling or socializing with family and friends.  But Gina works as hard, if not harder, to help you be successful.  

Back when I was pursuing a teaching credential at UC Irvine, my mentor, a 40-year veteran of K-8 schools told me, “Never give up on a child.”  Gina puts this philosophy into practice by routinely offering assistance and encouraging her clients to reach out with questions or concerns.  She’s very responsive and quick to offer suggestions and a multitude of resources to help you overcome obstacles.

I highly recommend this very rewarding program, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or increase your fitness.  Gina will meet you where you’re at and guide you to the next level.”

Patricia Holloway, MGL Client

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